Perfect vacation means “all inclusive” service, first class flight and much time spent on the beach. The British travel agency Colletts Travel did a survey to find out what people are saying under a “perfect” vacation involving 2.000 people.

A dream vacation last 11 days spent on a beach with easy-copy such as “Fifty shades of grey”, on destination which is far away a few hours from the place of residence.

The hotel should have a direct exit to beach but also have a swimming pool, in case the guests are temped to “rush” and not to have to be “bothered” by crossing the beach…

But, all respondents are agree that apart from the comfort for ideal vacation is necessary above all peace and quiet.

“Perfect vacation is combination of several elements. We work all year under a lot of stress and these ten or fifteen days which we eagerly awaiting for months are the reason why the most important for us is sun, peace and quiet. Relaxing in combination with “real” dose of local sightseeing and shopping which are good recipe for enjoyment” says Roj Kolet from Colletts Travel for “Daily Mail”

The dream vacation formula looks like this: go on trip in July on some of sunset destination in planet, and from 11 days at least 3 days the most people would be spending lying by the pool, 3 days enjoying at beach, 1 day devoting a visit to local cultural and historical sights and the rest of time would go on shopping. And of course from “perfect vacation” everybody want return “perfectly tanned”…


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